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7 Rivers Cycling Maps

Welcome to the web site for the 7 Rivers Cycling Maps. These maps are designed for motorcyclists and bicyclists to enjoy the scenic beauty of the 7 Rivers Region aboard two wheels. The maps will take you to the most scenic backroads of western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa.

Classic Rides - Volume 1

The Classic Rides map book includes 10 routes all originating from communities in La Crosse County. The routes range in distance from 23 miles to 101 miles and levels of difficulty from Easy to Challenging. Our Difficulty level is based on the number and grade of the climbs on the route. Volume 1 is available at area tourism centers, bicycle and motorcycle shops and select stores, coffee shops and establishments. You can download a map of each route from the Cycling Maps Volume 1 page of this web site. All maps and materials are copyrighted.

Submit your Favorite Route

If you have a favorite route you would like to submit for one of our future volumes, please visit Submit a Route for instructions and forms.

Enjoy the Ride!



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